Midyear Outlook 2017: Where’s the Volatility?

Esty Roditi - Investment Specialist, NGAM International

Dawn Mangerson - Director, Municipal Portfolio Management Team, McDonnell Investment Management
Maura Murphy, CFA - Multi-Asset Income Portfolio Manager, Loomis, Sayles & Co. 
Anne-Laurence Roucher - Deputy CEO and Head of Development, Mirova

Despite all the geopolitical news this year, the capital markets have remained surprisingly calm. Equities have notched new highs, but volatility remains near historic lows, and Treasury yields have fallen. Our panelists offer their perspectives, as well as some thoughts on what may lie ahead:
  • “Pleasant surprise” for fixed-income investors
  • Inflation in a sweet spot?
  • European equities regain their allure
  • Insights on infrastructure spending
  • Trends and opportunities