Practice Perfect: In Pursuit of the Ideal Advisory Business

Our fifth annual Global Survey of Financial Advisors finds that in pursuit of an ideal advisory business, advisors face critical decisions about how they structure their practice, how they manage clients and how they select investments.

Practice management: Heightened regulations and increased fee pressures are leading advisors to focus on their role as business owner.

Client management: Faced with unrealistic expectations and irrational behaviors, one of the biggest challenges for advisors may simply be keeping clients invested.

Investment management: Delivering on the investment side in an environment marked by high correlations, low yields and erratic periods of volatility means advisors must navigate a range of investment challenges.

Success for many financial advisors may really be a balancing act. Their ability to grow a successful practice will be directly linked to their ability to adapt to new regulations, to lead clients away from emotional decisions, and to make sound, strategic decisions in how they select investments for client portfolios.

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2016 Global Survey of Financial Advisors